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Whether you need an audit to comply with your legal obligations, to help build trust in the finances of your organisation or to support future applications for funding, it should not be a painful experience.
We believe that our flexible and tailored approach to every audit, together with our commitment to the utilising the latest auditing technologies, will mean you enjoy working with us.

Sharing unique insights

We utilise data analytics tools to provide you with unique insights into your organisation. These tools work by ingesting 100% of your data, and by applying built in artificial intelligence (AI), to provide us with new ways to interrogate your financial data quicker, and in more detail than would otherwise be possible.

This allows us to focus our audit work on areas of significance, such as:

  • transactions that have been posted to unusual accounts
  • transactions posted at unusual times, or by people not usually involved in the finance function
  • identify inefficiencies in how systems operate

The result: work is performed more efficiently, it is targeted on those areas of interest, and we are better able to identify any potentially inefficient processes in your finance system.

Our Software Partner

To deliver this innovative approach to auditing, we have proudly partnered with Inflo Software, a leader in the development of audit and accountancy software.

A tailored audit approach

How we work needs to complement your working practices and ensure that disruption to you and your team is kept to a minimum. A key component to ensuring this in our audits, is to adopt a tailored approach to how information is shared between us and our clients.

This will include:

  • Using a secure online environment to list requests and share information. This ensures that at any moment, you will be able to see a comprehensive, up to date list of all outstanding requests.
  • Varying the timing and frequency of requests to fit your preferences. Some clients prefer requests to be shared with them whenever they may arise, whilst other prefer to receive them in batches. We will always seek to adapt to best fit how you prefer to work.
  • Sharing feedback following the completion of your audit in a format to suit you. Whilst often our feedback will be in traditional written format, we also offer the options of attending meetings (in person or via video call) and can provide feedback in the form of a short video.
  • Your experience of our audits is incredibly important to us. Shortly after your audit, you can expect us to contact you for your feedback, which we use to continually evolve our services.

spreading the audit work

The traditional view of an audit is that it is something that happens after the end of the financial year. However, increasingly organisations want the timely finalisation of their audits shortly after their year-end. After all, financial information which is a few months old is more relevant and impactful than that which is 8 or 9 months old.
Subject to your agreement, we can adopt a flexible approach to our audit work, where some of the audit work is performed before the financial year has ended – known as an interim audit. This can then be combined with a reduced amount of work after the year end.
By spreading the work, this offers the potential for us to see your systems ‘in action’, improving the quality of the audit work, but also helping us to finalise your audit quicker.
This can be particularly valuable for charities hoping to use the independently verified accounts to support grant applications, or for companies seeking to obtain new financing.


Book a 15-minute, no-obligation, Discovery Call with founder Dan Proctor. He’ll ask you a few questions about your organisation that will help us discover if we are the right fit for each other